On the sixth day .

It’s that time of the month where I realise how many magazines I subscribe to as they all  come tumbling through the door with a day of each other.
The first through the door was The Knitter,  I’ve subscribed from the start before it was released as I had faith in the editor.
It is a lovely magazine  and one that sits on the shelf nicely with its numbered spine. However I am running out of room so I am trying to be ruthless and destash the ones I’m never going to knit from.I managed to condense some by buying The Knitter Baby and Children collection.
I buy The Knitter for it’s garments and articles even if I haven’t made many of the projects. I am thinking of a digital subscription but when it costs more than a paper one and you don’t get the extra patterns I think its a bit of a con. I know one has to pay VAT on digital books but it irks me that a magazine or book in digital form yet the paper one whih  you can feel and has actual components is often a lot cheaper than their digital version and it just doesn’t make sense to me.


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