Day 4

I can’t quite believe that I am writing another post. It will be interesting to see how long I can keep it up.
I was getting slightly worried about making certain Christmas presents. I have stopped worrying now as I am going to parcel up the yarn or fabric I was going to use with a card saying I am making you x with this in the new year, Merry Christmas.
The only one I do want to make for is my friends baby. I originally was going to make her a sweater but I didn’t like the way it was going. That was the red in the last posts photograph that I ripped back. Luckily for me her mum is on Ravelry so I just checked her queue and things she had favourited and have chosens something from one of these lists.
Its rather frustrating as my family just don’t get it. They don’t craft and are often bored. Yes  I do have rather a lot of yarn, yes it is too much and I have enjoyed gifting some and selling some but its nice to have it there . If I want to make a project nine times out of ten I can shop from the stash. At the moment I can only knit from the yarn I can easily reach. I could ask one of my family to get me some from the stash shed but it’s just not worth all the lectures I would get about having too much etc.
I also have a large fabric stash and this dates back to the eighties not all of it but some. I have some gorgeous royal blue with red paisley print that I bought when Debenhams  used to sell fabric and lots of Laura Ashley from back in the day. I find it harder to get rid of any fabric than I do yarn.  Although if I do find out some one I know is starting to sew or knit I will make them a small parcel up of fabric or yarn to help them on their way.

Something I did earlier this year that I would like to do  again is a yarn swap. Some one contacted me to aske if I would be willing to sell or trade them some of my yarn. We traded yarn. They sent me the same weight in yarn I sent them. I received a gorgeous skein of Scrumptious 4ply, the green and in the forefront is the trekker and the back is some eden garden yarn,

Years ago I would often knit for some one and they would pay me in yarn.  I wouldn’t mind doing this in reverse, get some of my stash knitted up and they could be paid in yarn from my stash.  My youngest likes the socks I knitted for her but I just dont have the time to knit them. I did manage one pair back in January, the only Christmas present I did start early. Now if I can just remember where I put them!


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