Day seven

Amazingly I have managed to update this blog for a whole seven days in a row. Hopefully it will bbe a whole 14 days at least. In yesterdays post I commented about it being the time of the month when all my subscription come through the door.  I was right as today saw the delivery of the latest Knit Now. I subscribed to this magazine because it always has a good number of accessories and small projects I can knit from  stash. Lately thought there has been more garments in it. I still likethe magazine although I do not like the American format of a picture of the garment and then the pattern a few pages late. I prefer to have my picture and pattern in one place. This issue came with 2 free extra patterns anda pocket book of baby knits which of course I am itching to start.

This issue didn’t have as many patterns for me  as usual. I liked most of the designs in  the pocketbook but in the magazine only a baby blanket and a shawl.just as well as I can’t keep up with the patterns I do want to knit.
I am still finishing my friends birthday present which is tomorrow.  I only have about ten percent left todo. Unfortunately I am unable to do as much crafting as I thought I would be as for some reason it makes me uncomfortable where I had my op. Oh well onwards and upwards.


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