Eighth Day

As you all know I had all these plans for what I was going to do in my recuperation. I had also planned before I had the surgery to make stockings for my family for when boxing day.  I have already made them their main stockings for Christmas day but wanted small ones for the years when we celebrate Christmas on boxing day because the grandchildren go to their other grandparents, with their parents of course! Yes I have the fabric but am unable to make them beforehand. With this in mind I asked my daughter to get me some small stockings from Poundland. I was thinking that if I’m up to it I could use them as a template and lining and if not will use them this year and as lining next.
As you can see the ones she got me are felt and I am rather impressed with them. They only cost one pound each but each comes with a small packet of adhesive felt letters which is worth the pound on its own. Out of one pack of the letters I managed to get all four names apart from 3 letters. So in this instance I am going to forget about even attempting a stocking until next year. I will report back once they are filled by Santa and let you know if they stand up to the job.


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