I promise to use proper titles after Christmas.  Exciting news I am on the last leg of my friends present. I so excited and hope she likes it. I am hoping to go to my knit group tomorrow night at the pub. I haven’t been for four weeks. I received the previews of the new Rowan magazine released 15th January and I love it. I can’t  say too much yet but I love the patterns and new pattern books and yarns. Soo much to choose from, what to knit first.  I have until Jnauary 15th to get all my UFOs finished. Who I am trying to kid? It’s not likely to happen. At least now I can start on Zahras present.  I see lace knitting in my future.  Silly me walked too far today so am a bit tired and sore but even so I feel better for walking a bit further.  When my friend came to visit me she brought me a box of  sea salt caramel fudge. OMG I love it.I am not a person who could eat a box of chocolates in one sitting,  but this fudge took real self control not to eat the whole thing.  Salted caramel my one weakness,


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