Day 21

Inspired by Zoes wonderful patchwork pouch I have decided to attempt to handsew the liberty print decorations I wanted to make for christmas.
They will be a simple heart shape with a ribbon to hang it one the tree. I will stuff them with hollow fibre stuffing and dried lavender from the garden. There will be a button and beads in the centre. Hand stitching can be quite therapeutic but although my cross stitching is very neat I’m not so sure about my stright stitching. I bought this fabric in two colourways the white as shown and the same design in a charcoal background. Originally I was planning on making mini stockings but I couldn’t find a template on line or in my many books and my drawing skills are non existent.

Oh No more yarn day 20

Yesterday my friend Donna came around with two huge bags of yarn. I should say no I can’t take it but I just can’t do it.
There is a huge variety of gorgeous yarns and novelty yarns, brands I haven’t tried and some I have.
My particular favourites in this batch are some Arucania alpaca yarn in pinks and browns, The knitting goddess sock club blanket yarn as well as some Collinette which is 10 years old. We both talked about how sometimes we both think it would be nice not to have a stash and just see a project buy the yarn and knit it . Obviously our habits aren’t going to change regardless of how much we think it would be better for us.
I am good though with any yarn or fabric I am given  I go through it all, choose what I will use and then give to friends, my knit group or nursing homes. I say I will use, I didn’t say when!


Day 19 it can be revealed

Some of you may have already worked it out. The present I was working on for my friend was Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket A Nordic Adventure. I am pleased to report she loved it and I will be making her a cushion to match. Here’s a picture


Mystery blanket 2013

I also made her a repair kit so that if disaster stikes and it gets a hole she can fix it.

I am so pleased she liked it, although to be  honest she didn’t like it she loved it. I like making things for Zoe as she always appreciates a hand crafted gift. As this was her Christmas and birthday present , we exchanged Christmas presents.  She opened hers first and then said I can’t give you yours now which  was a silly thing to say as she has made me the most beautiful hand patchwork quilted pouch. She is an amazing talented crafter and her embroidery and sewing skills are outstanding. Zoe is extremely good at the little details and always adds a little something that I wouldn’t think of.  The hexagons are all hand stitched as is the binding and the fabrics are Liberty prints. She added a gorgeous button and sewed tiny beads on top of it.  I can’t stop picking it up and  stroking it. Now I have to decide whether to use it as a handbag organiser or a notions pouch. At the moment it has my favourite pens and a pair of scissors in it.



Thanks Zoe I really do appreciate it and love it.


I had lots of craft plans for when I was off, I might have mentioned it before.  Unfortunately I have been unable to do a s much as expected especially with the knitting. I would get a pain in my side and couldn’t find out why then I had an aha moment, when I knit I hold my left arm close to the body and my elbow rests on my stomach. This is where the largest incision is so it would  hurt after a couple of rows. I have found a way around this and now place a cushion under  my arm before I start knitting. The only problem is I have to be careful not to sit too long doing it.

I have finished two projects but I cannot write about them until Thursday


I promise to use proper titles after Christmas.  Exciting news I am on the last leg of my friends present. I so excited and hope she likes it. I am hoping to go to my knit group tomorrow night at the pub. I haven’t been for four weeks. I received the previews of the new Rowan magazine released 15th January and I love it. I can’t  say too much yet but I love the patterns and new pattern books and yarns. Soo much to choose from, what to knit first.  I have until Jnauary 15th to get all my UFOs finished. Who I am trying to kid? It’s not likely to happen. At least now I can start on Zahras present.  I see lace knitting in my future.  Silly me walked too far today so am a bit tired and sore but even so I feel better for walking a bit further.  When my friend came to visit me she brought me a box of  sea salt caramel fudge. OMG I love it.I am not a person who could eat a box of chocolates in one sitting,  but this fudge took real self control not to eat the whole thing.  Salted caramel my one weakness,


Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a visit from my gorgeous grandson and darling daughter number one. I love my grandson and when he was only a few weeks old we started to take him for a coffee once a week . It was to give his parents a bit of time for themselves and to build a relationship with him. I was lucky enough to have a great relationship with my nan and grandad. They were more like my parents than grandparents and their house was a second home. I had my own key from the age of twelve and stayed with them at least once a week. My grandad gave me a shelf in the kitchen and would fill it each week with crisps, drinks and chewing gum. I am pleased to say that I am carrying on their great example. Harry feels completely at home and knows where everything goes more than his parents. He also has his own half shelf in the kitchen . His has all his cups in a basket and a tin with his snacks in. Mostly healthy and all ones his mother has approved of! When he wants a snack as he hasn’t got a large vocabulary yet he just goes to the tin and gets out what he wants. His mum was a bit perplexed at first as she didn’t realise it was his tin. I am pleased to say I see Harry a lot more than an hour a week now and I am so pleased we took the time and made the effort to build a relationship with him. I have a fantastic relationship with him and we are so in sync that sometimes its my daughter raising her eyebrows at us not the other way round. He is one special little person and I promise to keep working on maintaining this most amazing relationship with him. He makes me smile and even though its often gobbledygook we have great conversations. Being a parent is great but being an involved grandparent is amazing.

Twelfth day

I can’t believe I have actually managed to blog for a whole 12 days. At the moment I am enjoying an unabridged audio book whilst I knit or surf the web. I downloaded it after a recommendation from Skein Queen in her newsletter. It goes into great description about fabrics and embroidery and transports you to Thessalonika. The book is The Thread by Victoria Hislop and I can whole heartedly recommend it both in audio and written form. I have just downloaded the ebook The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow. There is a quilt pattern that can be downloaded from her website which I believe can be sewn alongside the book. I will review it once I’ve got around to reading it.
I have almost finished my friends birthday and Christmas present which I am greatly pleased about